Brand to Play, the bridge between athletes and brands

Brand to Play is the bridge connecting high performance athletes and brands willing to explore the sport as a marketing communication tool.

Brand to Play mission

Our mission is to transform our clients into successful brands, products or services capable to connect emotionally and experientially.

At Brand to Play, we are sports fans and strategic communications specialists. We build and develop unique strategies based on the strategic objectives of each client. For 20 years our team has worked with some of the best brands across a wide range of sectors.

We believe sports are a powerful marketing tool, suitable for promoting brand recognition, increase brand exposure and launching new products.


The importance of personal branding for athletes

What remains when a professional athlete´s career ends? The brand.

By building a personal brand we create a value proposition that goes beyond sports performance, giving them a platform to succeed in life after the game.

Brand to Play offer tailored strategies and work plans to best meet the needs of each athlete.We manage athletes’ brand and image, so they can fully focus on their careers. We take care of brand creation process, strategy and positioning.

We guide the entire process and work closely to athletes to help them understand how they want to be perceived. Storytelling and digital strategy will lead the way to position the athlete brand and build awareness, since brand’s digital presence has a major impact on it.



We combine strategic thinking and creativity to build, transform and promote brands. We turn Brands into a sustainable competitive advantage.


Brands digital presence has a decisive impact on its construction and consolidation process. We develop digital brand strategies that grow your business.


20 years of experience in advertising and communications guarantee the success of our sponsorship management.


We build strategies to enhance or to alter perceptions of a brand, product, or athlete, with the aim to align these with the brand strategy through the management of its identity and communication.


We offer a strategic consulting service oriented to achieve objectives, solve problems or determine the future direction of your business.