Influencer Marketing Strategy: how to build yours

9 de April de 2019

Digital has reshaped customer behavior and shopping forever, as a result, new marketing strategies have emerged. Social media and influencer marketing are now a key component of organization’s marketing strategies.

Nowadays traditional marketing strategies alone are not enough to convince consumers. Today’s consumers base their buying decisions on how they feel about a brand, and it´s here that influencers and their ability to construct narratives around brands and products come into play.

Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Let´s start by defining what is an influencer, influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or gets them to do something different. Being an influencer it´s not just about popularity, it´s about being capable of change people thinking or behavior.

When it comes to marketing, an influencer is someone who influence other people shopping behavior.

Influencer Marketing basically consists in borrowing influencers credibility and familiarity to sell a product or promote a brand. A marketing strategy of influencers brings advantages such as visibility, credibility, and consequently an increase in sales.

This type of strategy works well because consumers don’t like to be advertised to and marketing messages have less credibility every day. On the other hand, influencers can connect with their audiences as trusted peers and we are more likely to refer to a trusted person, a friend, family member, or someone with authority in social media.

How to find the right influencer?

Your influencer campaign can’t be all things to all people, as a brand you need to know how to choose the right influencers. In order to select the right influencer you must consider the 3 Rs of influence marketing:

  • Relevance: describes the level of alignment and similarity between the influencer’s values and the brand’s image, can be either about the content created or the audience that the influencer reaches. When selecting an influencer, it is important to determine the level of relevancy in order to make sure our message reach the right audience and engage with it.
  • Reach: refers to the number of followers an influencer has on their social networks. Choosing influencers merely based on the high number of followers does not necessarily guarantee success, the important factor is choosing influencers who are similar to the brand’s target audience.
  • Resonance: is the degree of engagement of the influencer’s audience with the content created. Resonance determines the readers level of engagement with the message.