Sports Marketing, the winning strategy your brand needs

21 de February de 2019

The sports industry is one of the most profitable industries today. The passion for sport is universal and enduring. From fanatics to casual viewers, sports capture the attention of more people than almost any other kind of event. Sport has a power and marketers understand that power.

In the past, the most important thing at the end of the day in any sport was who won the game. Roger Federer’s new racket, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new boots or Fabricio Werdum´s gloves were not chosen by chance. As the size and popularity of sports has grown, the field of sports marketing has grown with it, sports marketing is now part of the game.

sports marketing

What is sport marketing?

Sports Marketing uses sports to help sell goods and services. It is nothing more than the application of traditional marketing strategies in the sports industry to promoting goods and services using sporting events and the endorsement of athletes and sports teams. It’s about using sports as a tool to generate business opportunities. These marketing strategies, when well-planned and applied generate positive ROI for brands.

People are willing to spend money to watch sporting events and they are also willing to spend money on products because of sports. Sports marketing strategies act to encourage that feeling and attract new followers, creating a connection between the brand and the positive values that sport represent.

Thrilling the public, the key to success

Sports Marketing mission is connect passion, entertainment and consumption. With this, the image of a brand associated with an event, athlete or team, becomes more pleasing to the eyes of the fans and this change is often imperceptible to the eyes of the consumer. This makes sports marketing strategies a powerful tool for positioning brands, products and services, achieving a very positive return for companies.