Storytelling: 3 reasons why you should embrace it for branding

20 de March de 2019

A human being is a storytelling machine. Our brain is designed to look for stories in any information that comes through our senses, including when we tell our mother how the day has gone or when we tell someone what we did during the summer holidays.

Every second new content is being created and consumed in the Internet. In a world where attention has become one of the scarcest and most valuable assets, building a powerful storytelling is more important than ever.


What is storytelling?

Nowadays it is easy to found people who work with branding or marketing talking about storytelling, however what do you really know about storytelling?

The term can be defined as the activity of telling or writing stories, but nevertheless it means much more than that. The main reason is that we understand life through stories and most of our decisions are made on an emotional level. Stories breaks down barriers and creates empathy.

3 Reasons to say yes to storytelling

There are several compelling reasons to include storytelling in your marketing strategy,  let’s see 3 of the most relevant:

  1. It helps your brand to stick in people’s minds

In the world we live it’s difficult to store new information, particularly facts or figures, by telling a story we create context that helps people remember. Storytelling allows us to bring brands to life, with a story we can bring the audience to a deeper level of understanding and connect with them more easily. Having a story helps us to present messages in a better way.

  1. Differentiate ourselves from our competitors

Whatever our brand or product is we will always have competitors, but instead of worrying about them we should think about what makes us different. Once we know what make us special we need to define a strong storytelling strategy, that goes well with our brand and business strategy.

  1. Stories help to communicate values and ideas

Using stories to communicate values and ideas is more effective than using just definitive statements, it makes what we are saying more tangible and convincing. While we have a natural instinct to critique definitive statements, a good story is rarely instantly debated. Stories have the ability to engage our brain in a different way, while we are hearing a a well-told story,  we unconsciously suspend our opinions and judgments.